I really like programming languages. I like learning the languages themselves and I like learning interesting tricks through them. I enjoy exploring new ways to look at, think about and solve problems.

I work with a bunch of people who know a lot of these more interesting types of programming languages, which is very cool and inspiring.

Here's a list of specific programming languages I can't wait to learn at least the basics of (in no particular order):

And some broad categories of programming languages that I want to try out one or two languages in, but don't know which specific one to learn:

Feel free to email me with suggestions: me@riley.lgbt or to contact me through any of the means listed on my home page.

Naturally I am attempting to make my own programming language. The problem I am currently facing with that project, besides a lack of time to spend on it, is that it requires me to make design decisions. I am very bad at making any sort of choice so this is proving to be quite a challenge to me.

In conclusion, I am very curious about programming languages and even though I am not good at programming in general I enjoy learning about new paradigms and programming patterns.