When I was about 7 or 8, my dad made me a website and put me in front of the console of a very basic blog CMS thing. He showed me how to make new posts and told me to write about whatever. I made a post, and the day after that, I made another. And then I forgot about the whole concept altogether, to the great disappointment of my grandmother who enjoyed reading it.

A few years later, I started keeping a paper diary. I had gotten my hands on a Mega Mindy diary (I was obsessed with her and wanted to be her Really Bad) and used it religiously. Until I just forgot about it one day and abandoned it. I don't think I still have it, unfortunately.

Then, a year or three ago I tried again. I used a diary to document my feelings about gender because at the time I was having a Gender Moment. It was really useful in discovering that part of myself but when I was done with that (or so I thought at the time), so was my habit of using the diary. I forgot about it and moved on with my life.

As I started learning Rust some time later, I wanted to write a shell to practice, and document my progress in a blog series. I started writing the first blog post, and then I forgot about it once I really got into the thick of converting OsStrs to Cow<'_, str>s and just spamming .unwrap() everywhere until something compiled. I have not finished this shell in the couple of years that have passed since I started.

Between my first blog post and the one you are reading right now, I have met a lot of cool people. All of them have personal websites and most of them also have a blog where they go to talk about the cool stuff they're doing. Which is honestly pretty cool and inspiring.

So, I'm just gonna try it again. Except this time without putting so much pressure on myself to write something every day :)